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Give Looks Every Which Way With Your Kaftan

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Every so often an uber versatile piece of clothing comes along and takes the world by storm. Do y’all remember the wrap dress? Yes, Honey, it was all of that, and if you were like the rest of us, you styled that dress every which way, like a true fashionista. From fabulous to fun, you could do it all with those wrap dresses. Well, Sis, this time around, there is the Kaftan. The Kaftan has come for the smoke and will have you taking chic to a whole ‘nother level. You’re probably getting hyped already thinking of the possibilities that the Kaftan offers. Expect this one to be the real deal.

Here’s your super easy Kaftan styling guide to give you the tips and switch-up ideas that will have you rocking your Kaftan with fierceness:

 Everybody Gather Around

There is something classic and sexy about gathering a garment in the middle. Whether it’s a shirt or a Kaftan, the effect of gathering the fabric so that it seems to have a central focus takes the outfit to fashion icon status. To make this look work for your Kaftan, you will need an elastic hair band. It’s super simple, yet the end result will be an incredibly fly look.

Take the hair elastic and gather the middle of the Kaftan like you would a ponytail. Wrap the hair elastic around the fabric twice as if you’re making a ponytail. Then, wrap once again but do not pull the fabric all the way through. This will create a loop (small opening) that you should be able to put your finger through. Then, take the excess fabric that is left over from the banded area to cover the looped part. This will create a cute little covered knot right in the center of the Kaftan, allowing it to be adjusted to a shorter length or to create a tighter fit. 

Bring That Shoulder Action

So, a super simple way to upstyle your Kaftan is to pull it off the shoulders. You can either pull it to one side with one shoulder out, or put both of them on display. Not only is this look crazy sexy, it gives the Kaftan a more chic look. You can pair the off-shoulder style with a belt and you have just created one of the most elegant little dresses ever!


Hi-Low It

Your Kaftan doesn’t have to just be the same length all the way around. You can Hi-Low it for a sweet style. Put on a belt and pull the front of the Kaftan up to the length that you think will look absolutely fabulous. Pair this look with leggings or jeans to take things up a notch.

Strap Some Magic On It

Take your Kaftan from free form to fierce by attaching stringed beads onto it to create straps. You will need to start by affixing stringed beads or any type of material that you think will make a fabulous strap. Measure out the stringed beads to a length that will compliment your Kaftan. Then, using those tiny safety pins, attach the new “straps” to the front and back of the top of the Kafkan over each shoulder. You can even add another strap that hangs off of the shoulder for an even flirtier look. So, Sis, you can pair these straps with the shortened Kaftan mini dress for the most phenomenal fit ever! This is a fashion-forward trick to switch things up.

There is absolutely no losing with this Kaftan. It just hits 100 no matter how you style it. So, fix it, flex in it, and use these style strategies to make your Kaftan amazingly fabulous!


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