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Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Those Who “Stay Woke”

When it comes to the holidays, most of people know people that fall into one of two groups. Those who’ve been waiting since October for the most wonderful time of the year…and those that have been woke. WE love them both, but when it comes to getting your woke friends gifts with meaning, it takes a bit more effort and intention. Which is undoubtedly a good thing. And the good news is, getting gifts for the most “woke” people on your list just got a whole lot easier. Here are our picks to make sure you’re giving your woke friends and fam the gifts they’ll love this year.

Gift Guide: Stay Woke

Create & Resist Rayo & Honey Wall Hanging: These statement hangings from Rayo and Honey are the perfect gift to give your woke friend that loves a good home accessory. Handmade from 100% cotton Carhartt canvas with quotes that inspire and empower.

Gift Guide: Woke Friend

Ain’t I a Woman? Aleshia Fisher Art Print: To quote women’s rights activist and abolitionist Sojourner Truth, this Ain’t I a Woman is a gorgeous print from Brooklyn based artist Aleshia Fisher. Your feminist friends will appreciate this one.

Gift Guide: Woke Friend

Philadelphia Print Works Panther’s Legacy Tote: Inspired by the Free People’s Food Program of 1969, this Panther’s Legacy Tote is a reprint of the powerful design of the past. Give this one to the revolutionaries in your life.

Gift Guide: Woke Friend

A Cards for All People Black Card Revoked Deck: For your woke friends that love to entertain, a Black Card Revoked deck is a great way to infuse some culture into a good time. Pick a deck that matches your friend’s vibe and get ready to defend to your black card.

Gift Guide: Stay Woke

We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates: When in doubt, a good book is always a good choice to give your deepest friends. The options are endless but if we had to choose one, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ We Were Eight Years in Power is the one we’d pick.


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