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Dress for Success

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

When people see you, what do they see? Do they see an accomplished Black woman who exudes confidence? If your answer isn’t a resounding “YES!” and confident isn’t the vibe you give off on the regular, don’t worry, it may just be that you don’t look the part. That’s going to change right now — for the better!

Accomplished women with healthy self-esteem have a certain air about them. Regardless of where they are or what they’re wearing, they always seem to look and feel good. That doesn’t mean they are flawless at all times. It’s the self-love that shines through and lets the world know they are a force to be reckoned with. Yes, Honey!

How can you be sure you are exuding confidence in your daily life? We have you covered, Sis. Our dress for success tips may be just what you need to get your style aligned with your goals and boost your confidence level. Start here:

Dress Your Tech. Don’t just get your fit right. Get your gear on point with covers that protect your devices and allow you to show some style, too. The world is messy. A little rain or spilled coffee and your laptop can be destroyed. Nah, Sis, that won’t even work. Your devices need to be shielded as much as possible to keep all your stellar work safe. Your Izzy and Liv Laptop Sleeve is a perfect way to express yourself and protect your device.

Keep Your Eyes On That Prize. Girl, those computer lights can blind a Sista! Folks are constantly in front of their devices for work, school, and even entertainment. You already know that isn’t the best thing for our eye health. Well, now, you can reduce some of the more common complaints associated with long hours of computer screen exposure with your Izzy and Liv Blue Light Frames. These stylish frames are giving more than just “Yes, I’m cute” vibes. They may just be instrumental in keeping your vision together while helping you take your look from basic to Madam Executive in an instant.

Make It Write. Some of y’all know all about walking around with a gorgeous pen in your hand. As quiet as it’s kept, the right pen can grab attention and let folks know that you have not come to play. It’s serious business when you’re holding a beautiful writing instrument and successful women won’t often be caught without a nice pen. Make sure you keep one in your desk, in your purse, and with your work as a constant reminder of your Boss Lady status and Sis — they will, most definitely, see them.

Wear It Well. There was a time when women used their clothes to hide their figures. In fact, they would be criticized if their clothes fit too closely. Baggy and unflattering ruled. Thankfully, those days are gone! For the most professional look, you want to choose styles that compliment your body. Whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, your clothes can and should make you look and feel fantastic. Dress things up when you are trying to make a lasting impression and try to find pieces that move effortlessly from work to dinner/date night.

While your job may offer “dress down” days, don’t take that thing too far. You never want to come off as too casual and relaxed. People won’t say it, but they will have an even harder time taking you seriously in the workplace. Dressing for success is about more than just nice clothing. It’s about presenting yourself as a total package of skills, poise and professionalism.

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