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Black-Owned Brands to Shop for Hair Accessories

The hair accessories industry is big business. There are relatively few black owned hair accessories brands, even though black people are major consumers of hair products. Also, black people are more likely to buy from major, more popular brands than black owned brands. Despite having a desire to support the black owned brands of hair accessories, most people do not know that they even exist.

It is fair to say that black businesses have been relatively shut out of the mainstream hair market. This is because smaller black owned brands have to compete with cheaply made, foreign products and larger, more established retailers. However, there are some black owned brands that are making strides toward gaining greater representation in the hair industry. When we buy from these black owned hair accessories brands, we are supporting more than just that brand. We are supporting the black community at large.

So, get your ‘do right and shop these black owned brands for your hair accessories:

For Our Little Girls

Gabby Bows hair accessories are a mother’s dream. These double-faced barrettes are beautiful. Also, their patented clip system is a more secure fastener than those found on traditional barrettes. Buying Gabby Bows is a good investment because your little one will likely lose them less often. Plus, your little girl’s hair will look pretty regardless of what side of the barrette is showing.

For Styling Hair

The PuffCuff is a godsend for styling thicker, curlier hair. This black owned brand recognized a need in the black hair market, and developed the perfect accessory. Instead of using rubber bands, those with thicker hair can use the PuffCuff to hold hair in place. From mohawks to updos to ponytails, these hair accessories will greatly reduce the breakage that most experience with bands. The PuffCuff is a game changer when it comes to minimizing stress on your hair.

For Hair Health

Bad hair days become a thing of the past with The Slap by Grace Eleyae. This satin-lined cap is used to protect your hair or simply worn for fashion. You can expect to see these all over the place as they have seriously grown in popularity. Both versatile and stylish, this black owned brand offers consumers a great product for their hair health.

The market for these fabulous products is huge. Additionally, there are plenty of other wonderful black owned hair accessory companies to seek out. When buying from them, not only will you look good, but you will feel good about supporting these black owned brands. That’s a win-win for our black community.

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