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Angela Bassett’s New Skin-care Line for Women of Color

Angela Bassett may have found a way to make the saying “black don’t crack” into a scientific fact! According to WWD, she has teamed up with her long-time doctor Barbara Sturm and found an ingredient that keeps skin youthful and targets inflammation, thus slowing down cell death considerably. The best part about this active ingredient? It targets the prime cause of skin issues for women of color.

With the help of her doctor and aesthetic specialist, Bassett has created a skin care line focusing specifically on dark skin called, “Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm.” With so many skincare lines out there specifically for anti-aging, there aren’t many for women of color. The problems with darker skin are unique and require a different approach to care. That’s why the active ingredient purslane, in Bassett’s new skin care line, has the leading role. It is a natural substance that targets the prime cause of skin issues for women of color, inflammation.

According to WWD, Sturm’s interest in inflammation has followed her throughout her career. She told WWD, “It is, to me, the key factor to causing any skin problems or any problem in our body, but also it is mainly responsible for aging….Since African-American, or skin of color, problems [revolve] mainly [around] inflammation that is why I especially took care in this range.”

Angela Basset Skincare Line

Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm drops in July and will be sold exclusively online and in Harrods stores. The line includes a face cream, enzyme cleanser, 50 ml face cream rich, foam cleanser, and a hyaluronic serum.

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