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6 Girlfriends Every Woman Needs in Her Corner

Toni, Lynn, Joan, and Maya were fictional Girlfriends that felt real – sometimes a little too real. But with all their personal mess and annoying quirks, they were there for each other every step of the way. The world has changed since the last episode, but the show is timeless with a firm message: Black women, we all we got.  

As you encounter new hurdles and unexpected challenges in life, you’ll need solid girlfriends to hold you down. Check out this list of six girlfriends we all need in every area of our lives.

The Visionary

She’s the go-getter and thegoalfriendwho’sthere to help bring your life into focus. The Visionary has high standards for herself and keeps the same energy with you. She’ll hold you accountable for the smallest of tasks and in the grand scheme of things. The Visionary will be there with you every step of the way, for every win and loss, cheering you on. Consult her when it’s time to plan your next moves. She brings your “big picture” into perspective.

The Voice of Reason

This girlfriend will keep you grounded. In times of crisis, she’s the level-headed one who’s known to find a rational explanation. She’ll take your problems, analyze them and find the best possible solution. The Voice of Reason is your therapist without the fancy degree (but please do go to therapy though). She may not exactly be a shoulder to cry on, but she’s a straight shooter. Her logic is just what you need when your mind is clouded. Look to her for clarity.

The Life of the Party

Sometimes you need a good old-fashioned turn up to take your mind off things. Heyyy! The Life of the Party is your all-access pass to a good time; especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Not to be confused with someone who is reckless with your life, she goes hard -- in moderation. The Life of the Party is an avid thrill seeker and she makes it a priority to ensure her friends aren’t taking life too seriously. The Life of the Party can also be an excellent travel companion and the one to call when you’re feeling spontaneous.

The Work Bestie

If you don’t have one…find her today. You spend more time at work than you do at home with your family. Surviving any job, especially one that is a Boy’s Club, requires a source of strength. The Work Bestie will be a soldier who fights beside you on the frontlines. She’ll advocate for your position, recommend you for a promotion and defend you while you’re away. In other words, she’s a professional ally. The Work Bestie is your lunchbreak confidant and she’ll even talk you off the ledge when you’re crying your eyes out in the bathroom. She’s a true rider on and off the clock.

The Health Nut

Let’s face it. The older we get, the more our metabolism defies us. Yes, you bounced back from your freshman 15 (or 40) back in undergrad, but now that you’re busy juggling a family, career, and social life, your health tends to take a back seat. The Health Nut wants longevity for herself and you. She’ll invite you to the gym, suggest vegan spots and share meal prep recipes. She wants to know if you’re going to therapy on a regular basis. Wellness is her endgame.  The Health Nut wants to grow old with you and that starts by making sure that your mind, body and spirit are all of one accord.

The Emergency Contact

She’s an emergency contact on paper and in real life. This friend knows all your business -- even the things you were too embarrassed to share but shared anyway. While you can trust your other friends, you know that The Emergency Contact is about her business andyours. When things go left, she’s the first one you call, and if you miss a beat, she’ll call you first. The Emergency Contact is a true Mama Bear. When the pressure is on, you can always count on her to be your rock. There’s no doubt in your mind she can step in and handle things if you’re ever in a sticky situation.


Girl Tyler is a recovering news producer turned digital scribe from South Carolina.

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