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5 Ways You Can Stick To Your Goals

We are headed towards the end of the year pretty quickly. It’s gone by so fast, hasn’t it? Just a couple of months ago we were making those New Year’s Resolutions and had a bunch of hopes for 2016. Did you make any of your goals? If not, the good news there is still time!  We have some tips to help you push through and make these last months of the year count.

Prioritize your goals

Most of us have a lot of things we want to accomplish for our future which is great but, it can be overwhelming. Categorize your goals into sections like Finances, Health, Career etc. and start to rank them by importance to you. Not only will it be easier to look at, but much more attainable to start and finish. 

Get an Accountability Partner

Life is not meant to be done alone, especially when it comes to goal setting. One of the best ways to achieve you goals is finding an accountability parter or someone who can be there for you to keep you in check, and make sure you can achieve all that you have in mind. This relationship can be as simple as going out for coffee once a week with a friend to check-in or you can take it a step further and have a goal setting party and share with others. Even a mentor might be able to help you out. Take the steps needed to make sure you stay on track.

Start Small

It’s easy to get caught up and be so overwhelmed that you don’t even start. Not to fear, try breaking up your goals into small steps you can do daily. Maybe you can’t workout six days a week, so start with three. Once you are able to consistently take baby steps towards your goal, you’ll be well on your way to victory.

Hire a Life Coach

Okay so this option will cost you a couple dollars, but it certainly can be a great investment towards your future. Not everyone has the luxury of having dependable friends and if you are serious about your future, put your money where your mouth is and get to planning! A note of caution if you do decide to take this route: Make sure to thoroughly research whoever you hire. Not everyone who says they are a life coach is the life coach for you. 

Dream Big

You only have one life to live, why live small? Dreaming big is the easiest way to get your mind in a positive mood and motivate you to work harder. If you dream big, you can see how great your goal is, and want to take steps in the right direction. As the great Oprah has said “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you achieve”. 

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