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5 Ways to Have Fun & Stay Safe

Written By: Jarius Edens

Makin' 2021 So Fabulous!

We are still staying safe and healthy as we ring in 2021! It’s nothing like making sure you have a little fun while you continue to social distance and mask up. Here are 5 ways to have fun and stay safe for the next few months.

Have a Dance-a-Thon with your friends!

Have one of your friends be the DJ, and the rest of the crew should dance the night away (virtually of course). See how many people you can get to agree to getting cute, setting up the ring light up, and dancing on camera for a few hours.

Have a watch party with Netflix or Hulu!

Choose a series to watch or binge, and do it with your friends. You already talk about it on SnapChat... you might as well watch it together.

Compete in a cupcake decorating contest!

You and all of your friends will need to bake your favorite cupcakes and decorate them, Then, take the best pictures and upload them to your Instagram or TikTok and see which cupcake wins. Most hearts—WINS!

Read the Izzy & Liv book together!

You’re not too young to start your own book club. Have a few of your friends read, A Good Kind of Trouble, with you. Then, you can discuss it on FaceTime for as long as you want (okay...gossip on there too).

Create a FUNDAY with your family.

Whether you choose for FUNDAY to be Saturday or Sunday, challenge the family to a round of UNO, compete in an eating contest, or have a FULL karaoke night together for a little fun with the fam. Winner doesn’t have to do dishes for a week.

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