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4 Wellness Spaces for Black Women

While wellness is vital for everyone, there are not so many spaces for black women or women of color. Practices like yoga or discussions of self-care can seem inaccessible to us due to cultural differences. If you are someone who is less religious than others, it can be hard to find a place where you can freely explore a more spiritual path. At times, It’s much hard to find a community of black women where you can feel safe to share stories and be vulnerable. But these days, we are seeing a big change. Both online and in the physical world, black female entrepreneurs are creating various safe spaces for us so we can explore who we are on an individual level in order to connect with others. Below are just a few of our favorite wellness spaces made for and by black women:   

Black Girl in Om

from blackgirlinom.comJust as their Instagram bio puts it, Black Girl in Om is all about  “Creating space for women of color to breathe easy”. Founder Lauren Ash is leading the way by creating one of the most popular online safe spaces for black women where we can work on ourselves mind, body, and soul Its an online publication featuring meaningful posts from creativity and spirituality to self-care and self-love that will inspire you to start your own wellness journey.

Food Heaven Made Easy

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Wendy and Jess are two best friends (and dietitians!) who created a site to share their love of food, nutrition, and cooking. Food Heaven Made Easy provides everything from helpful articles to delicious plant-based and vegetarian recipes. They also offer online wellness courses and meal plans if you are looking to get started on a new diet.

Chelsea Loves Yoga

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With her blog “Chelsea Loves Yoga” Dr. Chelsea Jackson uses her platform and educational studies to examine how yoga can connect with storytelling, literacy, and youth development. Her tuition-free program “Yoga, Literature and Art Camp” introduces young black girls to African and African American literature, art and yoga to help them understand their culture, as well as themselves on a soul level. It’s a wonderful program that creates a safe space for young girls to share their stories with others.

Laura Nixon

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Lauren Nixon doesn’t play around when it comes to food and the environment. As a food educator and a sustainability strategist, Nixon shares her knowledge on agriculture and environment with the Washington D.C area through workshops, public speaking, and program development. She teaches sustainability is more than just eating healthier. It’s also about getting your community together to discuss serious issues like hunger and pollution that need to be resolved

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