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4 Ways to Handle People Questioning Your Education & Ability

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

It’s a shame, actually. No matter how much we achieve as a people, others still find a way to question our ability. For most Black people, it’s pretty commonplace. In fact, you’ve probably gotten so used to it that, at this point, it barely fazes you. Even if doesn’t necessarily get you amped, it’s annoying and so beneath you, Queen. Don’t they know that royalty ain’t got time for foolishness? Well, they are gonna learn today!

Here are 4 ways to handle people questioning your education and ability:

Speak Up

Contrary to popular belief, being uber humble (or staying quiet) is not always the best way to deal with doubts others have about you. It’s easy to get overly anxious or intimidated. Well, uh, no ma’am. Open your mouth and set some things in order. Use discretion, as the conversation may be better had one-on-one, but definitely speak your peace. You have the right to speak up so don’t be shy about it. Put it on blast with confidence and still be professional.

Find Out Who You Are Working With

You can learn a lot about a person by doing a basic Google search. Check out their LinkedIn profile and get better insight into who you are dealing with. Just knowing that someone actually brings less to the table than you can boost your confidence and reinforce your self-esteem. But, don’t be intimidated if they have more experience. That’s good for them. Remember, everyone on your team has something to contribute and the fact that YOU realize that puts you leaps and bounds ahead of those who think differently.

Showcase Your Talents

First of all, be sure to hang ALL of your certificates and degrees in your office or workspace. Yup, every single one that you want the world to see. Why not? You earned them, Sis.

Next, interject, correct, and problem-solve like a BOSS! Oftentimes, someone’s ability is questioned because people feel that person isn’t making significant contributions to the team. Be seen and heard. It’s nice to stand in the wings and watch people bring your ideas to life, but it feels even better when you bring them to fruition YOURSELF! That being said, the better you are, the more OTHER PEOPLE will praise your work and speak up on your behalf. So, do your thang, Sis!

Be Positive

The energy you project can work miracles when it comes to being on a team. Your positivity overshadows the negative vibes that others bring. Not only can other people feel your positive vibes, they also can see it in your work. So, be confident. Know who you are and dismiss the haters and all their ignorance. Don’t give negative people and their comments too much real estate in your brain. They don’t deserve it. Instead, fill your life with good things, awesome plans and possibilities, and elevate beyond miserable people. One day, they just may be working FOR YOU!

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