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4 Nail Trends To Try This Year

4 Nail Trends To Try This Year

No woman likes a boring manicure. Thankfully, this year’s nail trends are a mixed bag of fashion-forward, modern, and simplistic styles that gained attention on various fashion shows. Here a few of some of the hottest fall nail trends we are sure you will want to try:

Metallic French Manicure

image from

French manicures are one of the most classy nail styles a woman can wear. In 2018, the elegant mani gets a major upgrade. Keeping a nude base and adding a metallic polish at the tip of the nail, this trend will make you look ahead of your time.


image from

Simple, clean, and chic. Wearing a skin-tone nail polish is one modern-looking trend that is dominating this year.

Put A Lil’ Bling On It

image from

Dazzle up your nails by adding some jewels on an accent nail. Not enough? Try coating your nail with your favorite base color and then go glam by decorating your nails with rhinestones at the top.


Minimal Accents

image from

If going big with bling isn’t your thing, minimalism is the way to go. If you like wearing accent nails, choosing anything from simple lines, stars, or diamond shapes will keep your manicures in style. Feel free to purchase nail stickers if you don’t want to paint the designs on yourself.

We love our nail trends here at Izzy & Liv. Go out and make your newest mani turn heads!


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