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4 Makeup Trends To Wear This Spring Season!

The hottest Fashion Week runway shows across the globe are showing us the newest spring makeup trends.  Many of them are simple. Minimalist style looks are in right now. They are not boring in the slightest, however. This season is packed with fun bold colors and loads of shine.  So, get out your glitter and have your pastel eyeshadows ready!  These spring makeup trends are all about reveling in your natural glow with a pop of color.

1.) Glitter  Everything Up!

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Well, you don’t have to put glitter all over your face (unless you want to, go for it!) but glitter is hot this season. Whether it’s on the eyelids or lips, placing a streak of glitter will make your makeup will scream shine underneath the sunny spring weather.

2.) Eyelining Your Lower Lash Line

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Underliner is a unique trend that’s happening right now. Most us wear eyeliner only line the upper lid or line both lids, but this trend is more minimalist where you just simply underline your lower lash line. What I love about this is that it forces you to be creative and it makes you look fierce. One little tip- Start with a “no-makeup” makeup look, then line your lower lash line with a bright bold color to have a minimalist but powerful effect to accent your eye shape.

3.) Fresh Glowy Skin

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Fresh skin is always in but this spring it’s about au natural. It’s also time for you to break out those highlighters and stroke those cheekbones!

4.) Splash of color!

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Spring is all about pastel and bright colors. Break out those bright pinks, blues, and yellows! Have fun with this! Add a pop of color on your eyelids to make a bold 80s inspired design or just blot a shimmery color along your outer corners to your temples.  Leave out eye lining your lower lash line for this look to pop. Wearing any bright color on your eyes will captivate onlookers.

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