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4 House Plants to Help Improve Your Well-Being

Written By: Girl Tyler

Transform your space into a therapeutic greenhouse. Houseplants are both aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.  In many ways, plants help clear the air. Certain plants are known to increase humidity and combat indoor air pollutants by absorbing toxins, making your home a little more breathable. Detoxifying your space is a form of self-care. As you tend to your plants each day, you’ll notice a more nurturing and overall healthy environment that will improve your mental clarity. Explore the benefits of adding these four houseplants.

1. Snake Plant

A little goes a long way in terms of watering this plant, especially if you are on the forgetful side. Snake plants are low-maintenance, requiring very little effort. They’re a reminder of resilience as and have the ability to thrive in dim areas.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera represents healing. Place the aloe in the window sill of a bathroom or the kitchen. Aloe thrives in bright areas, but avoid overexposure. You can go up to two weeks without watering them. With proper care, aloe can grow into a larger plant that requires replanting. This medicinal plant is a great home remedy for treating minor burns and you can even add it to a smoothie.

3. Peace Lillies

Peace lilies symbolize tranquility, purity, positivity, and peace as spelled out in its name. Be careful not to overwater peace lilies. They can be watered once a week or when the soil feels dry. Peace lilies are known to neutralize and improve air quality. They’re great to have around to balance energy during mediation. 

4. Lavender

Keep calm and buy a lavender plant. Lavender is a common essential oil and literally a breath of fresh air especially when you feel anxious. This plant adds a radiant pop of color to any room. Store it in a bright area and only water it when the soil is dry. Lavender is nice to keep in your bedroom on a nightstand. The relaxing scent will help you easily fall asleep.

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