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9 Products Every Woman Needs To Have In Her Purse Year Round

Ever have those moments when you need to grab something out of your purse only to realize that you left it at home? Being a woman on the go can be exhilarating because you feel like you are always on the go. Yet, there are some things a woman has to have on her person at all times, besides her wallet or car keys. Here are 10 products every black woman must have in her purse:

Translucent Powder:

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Nobody wants their makeup falling off their face. A setting or finishing powder is perfect for making sure your makeup stays in place. It’s also good at removing oil and sweat.


Moisturizing Body Lotion:

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 A small, moisturizing body lotion will help keep your skin looking smooth all day, especially if you are prone to dry skin.


Lip Balm:

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Ideal for days when you are not in the mood for lipstick or gloss. A lip balm is great for keeping your lips soft.



Matte Lip Gloss Trip

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Every black woman needs to have lipstick in her purse. Need a new glam lipstick shade? Try out Izzy & Liv’s Matte Lip Gloss Trip which offers three long-lasting bold colors.




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Mascara keeps your lashes elongated and dramatic throughout the day. It’s also ideal for days when you have an unexpected tearful moment.


A Pocket Mirror:

Mother Earth Compact Mirror

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 You should never leave the house without a pocket mirror. We recommend Izzy & Liv’s earth-toned “Mother Earth” compact mirror in case you need to check your teeth or make sure your makeup is on point.


Makeup Brushes:

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Having a clean pack travel-size makeup brush set with you will come in handy if your eyeshadow needs a touch-up or two.


BB Cream:

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Foundation might be too much of a hassle but a BB cream is great if you want your face to look flawless at moment’s notice.


A Makeup Bag:

Dance Girl Cosmetic Bag/Clutch

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After all the makeup products mentioned here, you need a chic makeup bag to carry them all. Izzy & Liv offers a line of fashionable cosmetic bags like the Dance Girl Cosmetics/ Clutch to hold all your beauty essentials.


A Notebook:

Beauty Is Her Name Journal OR Notebook

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A black woman needs something to write her thoughts down. We recommend using the Beauty Is Her Name notebook, available on Izzy & Liv shop.

A black woman should always be ready to shine from head to toe. With these essentials in your purse, now you’re ready for your next outing.

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