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10 Fashion Bloggers We’re Following on Instagram

We spend countless of hours scrolling down our Instagram timeline looking at celebrity pictures and laughing at memes, but why not get some style inspiration? There are many beautiful and stylish women on Instagram, but often times we catch a case of outfit envy and have no idea where to find them.

These 10 fashion bloggers are letting their Instagram followers into their world of fashion and their closets.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: GabiFresh


Followers: 338K

Style blogger, GabiFresh, is a self-proclaimed feminist and swimwear designer. This young 20-something has her own line of swimsuits with the company Swimsuits 4 All. Her Instagram feed is filled with shots of her poolside in her signature bathing suits and young and stylish pictures of her daily outfits.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: Ironyofashi


Followers: 55.1K

If your wardrobe tends to be fun and flirty, IronyOfAshi is a fashion blogger you’ll love. Not only is her page filled with an abundance of bright colors, but her style is distinctly feminine. A lot of her outfits are centered around body-con midi skirts, tea skirts, and lace pieces.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: JadoreFashion


Followers: 94.5K

We all love fashion and JAdoreFashion is another great blog we’re loving on our Instagram feed. This page is the perfect balance between professional and fun. You can find pictures of fashionable workplace outfits with trousers and floor-length dusters or trendy outfits featuring midi length tee skirts and sexy black pumps.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: LayllahStyle


Followers: 64.1K

Sisters Kay and Cari will definitely make you wish you and your sister or best friend were as fly as them. Although they will post pictures separately, our favorite looks are when they coordinate their outfits. A recent look of theirs features a monochromatic palette of blush tones where they style the same pair of pants differently.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: LifeInBeverlyHeels


Followers: 17.8K

Although the clever name might confuse you, LifeInBeverlyHeels is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who spends her time between New York City and Atlanta. You’ll find pictures of her meals and surroundings on her page, but we’re paying attention to her page for pictures of her fabulous shoes and sophisticated outfits.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: MissEnocha


Followers: 46.3K

We probably all go through those days where we’d like to dress casually and comfortably without looking like we just rolled out of bed. MissEnocha of Instagram has an account that shows off a great deal of casual and stylish outfits featuring jeans, sweaters, and boots that we can’t wait to recreate.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: PrissySavvy


Followers: 47.3K

For a blogger who regularly covers types of looks, PrissySavvy is a great page to follow. Always switching up the styles and outfits that she posts, her outfits can vary from an outfit with denim shorts and a plain shirt to a high-waist trousers and a mesh top.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: StylePantry


Followers: 423K

The most followed blogger on our list, Folake Huntoon of StylePantry has gained her following for a reason. Her amazing style and personality gives her page a colorful and fun aesthetic and most of her outfits make us want to break out of our comfort zone.

Instagram Fashion Bloggers: Sweeneestyleblogger


Followers: 16.7K

With an amazing balance of casual and dressy looks, SweeneeStyleBlogger can pull off anything. She is able to create an outfit with a beautiful combination of pastel colors while also giving us a sense of the 90s with outfits in overalls.

 Instagram Fashion Bloggers: TheDaileigh


Followers: 187K

TheDaileigh is an amazing feed that keeps her styles young and trendy. One of our favorite looks is with white high-waisted tartan shorts that she paired with a camouflage top and black pump. Her look was completed with a bold red clutch.

Now that you have all these stylish accounts to follow on Instagram, we apologize in advance if you slowly empty your wallet after looking at these outfits!

Happy scrolling and buying!

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