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Goddess Energy Borosilicate Glass Mug with Lid + Spoon

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Sip a dose of divine inspiration with our Goddess Energy Glass Mug. Crafted from premium Borosilicate glass, this mug is as durable as it is elegant, and designed with strength just like the goddess you are.

The ceramic lid, adorned with a golden crown, is not just a chic touch; it's a regal reminder with every glance that you're royalty.

With a generous capacity of 390ml (13 fl oz), whether it's your morning tea or a cozy evening brew, this mug holds enough to fuel your soul with each sip. The ornate "Goddess Energy" inscription in golden script is a celebration of your inner strength and brilliance, turning an everyday ritual into a moment of empowerment.

So, queen, pour your favorite drink, embrace your power, and let your goddess energy shine.The lid is ceramic material.

  • The mug is a Borosilicate Glass Mug.
  • Amount of liquid cup can hold - 390ml, 13 fl oz.