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Empress Vibes Aromatherapy Diffuser w/10 Reeds

Meet your new essentials for creating a serene and uplifting space. This set features an oil and water mixture with a captivating masala hue. Encased in an elegant glass bottle, measuring 8.5x6 inches, it's a chic addition to any room.

The fragrance is designed to last, offering 1-2 months of the "Empress Vibes" scent with just 5 sticks, though you can adjust the intensity with more reeds. With 10 reeds included, you have the flexibility to control the ambiance as you desire. Remember, the more sticks used, the more swiftly the aroma will fill your space, as the liquid is absorbed into the sticks.

For the best experience, place this treasure in a cool area and keep it out of reach of children and pets. Embrace the essence of self-care with this exquisite diffuser set!

  • Top Notes: Bitter Orange Leaf, Mandarin, Lily
  • Middle Notes: Peony, Rose, Tulip

  • Base Notes: Musk, Vetiver, Zerumba