Brown Sugar Babe Meetups

It’s not just a box. It’s a sisterhood.






Find Upcoming Meetups:

Ready to find your Brown Sugar Box clique in your corner of the country? Our Brown Sugar Babes are international with women all over the world receiving their box each month. If you are looking to set up a local meetup or find one near you, you’re in the right place! Here, not only can you register your meetup, but you can find meet ups near you.


We love all the meetups happening all over the country! If you want to promote your meetup with the Brown Sugar Box name, registering your event is now MANDATORY. But don’t worry – it’s easy!


  1. SUBMIT. Compete the submission to have your event approved.  
  2. POST.  We'll Create Your Meetup Event Page on our Calendar
  3. SHARE.  Announce Your Approved Event in the Brown Sugar Lounge on Facebook>> 




  • Find a venue that can provide food and drinks. 
  • Market the event via social media. We’ll also help to promote the event. 
  • Send an event reminder to attendees prior to the event. 
  • Include a reminder for those no longer coming to change their response. So that if there is a waitlist other members can join. 
  • Make a hashtag with Brown Sugar Babe and your city name (ex. #BrownSugarBabesNYC) for your event, so attendees can add hashtag to their social media posts and you can easily track any mentions.
  • Have fun connecting with new friends!



BSB Meetup Planning Checklist


  • Have fun! Don’t forget to snap memories of your festivities!

  • Spread the love from your meetup! Tag #IzzyandLiv #BrownSugarBox 

  • EMAIL and share your photos and videos. Your meetup group could be featured in our newsletter, mini mag and other channels!

  • Share the Hashtag you’ve created for social media posts.

  • Thank all those who have attended your meetup.

  • Use the momentum to schedule an event in the near future.

  • Keep in mind to check if the same venue might like to host your next event!

  • Submit your next meetup here! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Brown Sugar Babe Meetup?

Izzy & Liv's Brown Sugar Box has created a sisterhood among many of the women who subscribe to the box. Our subscribers affectionately call themselves "BSBs" aka "Brown Sugar Babes". A Brown Sugar Babe Meetup gives you the opportunity to connect with your local community and bask in the culture, confidence, and soul packed out the Brown Sugar Babe community.

I am planning a meetup, how can I have it listed here?

Click on the "Register a Meetup" button on this page and complete the form with details abut your event, Once we review and approve it, we will post you event here and you will also be able to promote it in the Brown Sugar Lounge.

What is the Brown Sugar Lounge

The Brown Sugar Lounge is our private Facebook Group where subscribers connect with one another online.  It is a community that exudes CULTURE. CONFIDENCE & SOUL. We welcome women who love to share tips on everything from lifestyle, style, relationships,  entrepreneurship and everything in between. Visit the lounge>>

Where should we host our meetup event?

In the past, our Brown Sugar Babes have had meetups at restaurants, paint & sips, parks and more! When choosing the location for your meetup, please be mindful that it is in a tasteful location.

Do all BSB events need to be approved?

In order to promote and solicit participation find your meetup on the Izzy & Liv website or Facebook Group, your event needs to be registered here first.  

How long will it take to get my event approved and posted?

Meetup postings will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 2-3 business days.

Will you pay for our food or send swag for our meetup?

Izzy & Liv will not be responsible for any costs incurred during meetups. Costs of food, drink or venue entrance fees are the responsibility of individual meetup attendees. From time to time, where possible, we may surprise meetup groups with special swag that we will send to meetup organizer prior to the event. Surprise swag is not guaranteed and will not be a regular monthly occurence for every meetup.

Can we charge a fee for meetup entry/sell tickets to our meetups?

Meetups are arranged as regular girls night out with friends, with each attendee paying their own costs to the event venue (eg: restaurant, paint and sip, concert, movie etc).  Ticketed, for-profit events (an event in which organizers charge an up charge/fee to meetup attendees in order to profit from event/ticket sales), that bear the Izzy & Liv or Brown Sugar Box trademark, are not authorized and cannot be promoted on our site or in the Brown Sugar Lounge for reasons related to both the protection of our trademark as well as liability risks for events that bear our name and imply affiliation for which we have not affiliation or responsibility over. There can be no markup fee associated with attending a Brown Sugar Babe meetup using the Izzy & Liv of Brown Sugar name or trademark.   If Izzy & Liv discovers members are being charged for-profit to attend an event under our trademark, we reserve the right to reject any future meetup applications from the organizer.