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What Parents Are Saying
Young King Brown Sugar Box

Every time my son sees the box that’s come for him - he’s ecstatic. I’m continuously reminded how much representation matters. He feels special and sees a child as a superhero with his skin tone!!! Thank you!

- Monica H

Young King Brown Sugar Box

My son loves everything in his box. When he opened the box he said "Ooooooo mommy look". Lol. Thank you for respectfully representing us in your products.

- Brandy H

Young King Brown Sugar Box

I'm so thankful for something like this, so cool, uplifting, cute and positive for my son. Finally, something for our lil guys.

- Joi K

Young King Brown Sugar Box

This is the cutest gift for little brown boys. So empowering! Representation is so vital to positive self-esteem. Love, love, love this.

- Shanna B

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