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Goddess Energy Brew - 10 Tea Bags

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Infuse your day with the essence of divine flavor with Izzy & Liv's Goddess Energy Brew. These enchanting blends are more than just tea—they're a ritual, steeped in the celebration of Black womanhood and culture. Choose from the zesty zing of Lemon Black, the tropical kiss of Passion Fruit, or the soul-warming embrace of Ginger Peach. Each black pouch contains 10 tea bags, packed with rich Black Tea and natural & artificial flavors, promising an aromatic journey that is as bold and complex as you are.

Brewing your cup is a moment of mindfulness; let near-boiling water cascade over the tea bag and steep for 3 to 5 minutes. For those who seek a stronger essence, let the bag linger, releasing the full potency of its flavors. And because we believe in abundance, each tea bag offers enough for two cups—because one serving of goddess energy is never enough. So, pause, savor, and sip on the Goddess Energy Brew, a beverage that's as full-bodied and profound as the heritage we honor.

10 tea bags packed in a black pouch

Ingredients : Black Tea, Natural & artificial flavor

option1: LEMON BLACK
option1: LEMON BLACK