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Editors’ Picks: Black Women Rock

There are certain days that are set aside for celebrating black women and then there are the days that we create ourselves. Today is one of those. Where I’m just feeling the inspiration and empowerment from really dope black women, past and present. Here are my picks to take the black women who rock with me everywhere I go:

Black Women Rock: Donyale Luna

Donyale Luna Tee– Donyale, model, actress and first woman to appear on the cover of Vogue. She’s a woman to be admired, not only for her beauty, but for breaking barriers in an industry where our features are often ignored and rarely celebrated.

Black Women Rock: Diana Ross

Diana Poster – Diana Ross, singer, actress, songwriter, and producer. The godmother of glam. We love her for the talent she shared with us, her unapologetic boldness, and her style that reminds us that you can never be overdressed to anything. Not to mention blessing us with the gift of Tracee.

Black Women Rock: Nina Simone

Nina Simone Journal– Nina Simone, singer, songwriter, musician, activist. A woman who told her story out loud. For times when you the encouragement to make your voice heard, be reminded of Miss Simone.

Black Women Rock: Grace Jones

Grace Jones Tote Bag– Grace Jones, singer, supermodel, actress. If there was ever a black woman that could encourage you to be your whole self it is Grace. We love her for her individuality, her refusal to be defined by the world, and her talent on the stage or the catwalk.

Black Women Rock: Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker Fleece – Josephine Baker, entertainer and activist. The original show girl who transformed the industry and sparked an artistic movement. We love Baker for her femininity, her effortless showcase of the beauty of women, and her ability to fuse her art with activism.

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