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5 Songs for Your 90s Workout Playlist

A new season is always a good time to start a new habit–or restart one that didn’t quite catch on the season before. For most of us, one habit that’s most difficult to master is getting into a good exercise routine. Whether you’ve planned to finally put that gym membership to use, downloaded a few fitness apps to DIY  your exercise, or are headed to a few classes to hold you accountable, no workout session is complete without a good playlist. Here are a few songs that I keep in rotation on mine. Inspired by the 90’s of course.

1. Vivrant Thing – Q-Tip

Special girl, real good girl. Can that just go down as one of the best lyrics of the 90’s? This one is the perfect song to start off a morning run. Not to much, but just enough. And plus, it’s Q-Tip. Enough said.

2. If – Janet Jackson

When you really want to put all of Janet’s song on the list but you can only choose one. Am I the only one that could listen to If on repeat while  on the treadmill?

3. Good Vibrations – Marky Mark

Aside from the beat, how can you not pumped with lyrics that were so obviously made to help you “feel the burn”. It’s such a good vibration, it’s such a sweet sensation? Yup, this is the song to get you through those last 5 minutes of your workout.

4. Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

Anyone else who’s favorite form of working out is dancing? If so, you need Can’t Touch This on your playlist. It’s the perfect dance like nobody is watching song to get the energy flowing first thing in the morning.

5. Jump – Kriss Kross

Yes, we’re talking about those cute little kids who wore their pants backwards but, hear me out. Not only is the beat exactly what you need when you’re doing your aerobics but let the “Jump, Jump” motivate you to finish that last set of jumping jacks.

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