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4 Ways to Nurture, Protect and Love On Your Hair and Skin

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

They need love too! That’s right. Your hair and skin need to be treated with dignity, respect, and yes, plenty of love. To be honest, Sis, most people do the bare minimum when it comes to caring for their hair and skin. They may go to the salon, but that daily care is often less than stellar. You’re busy. We get it.  Really we do.  But, you can’t be so busy that you leave your hair and skin to chance. They need you.

For many, their hair and skin “routines” cause more harm than good because they are more about convenience than actual care. There are plenty of “edgeless” folks out there who thought pulling their hair back between styling was the only way to go. Guess you live and learn.  No one wants to see any of our beautiful sisters out there struggling to look and feel good because their hair is jacked or their skin is crusty. Nope! If this is you or someone you know, you need H.E.L.P.  Check out these 4 ways to nurture, protect, and love on your hair and skin.  They may just make all the difference in the world!

H - Hydrate

Hydration is essential for life. Simply drinking lots of water to stave off dehydration can greatly impact your hair and skin. Water is a must. Without taking in enough water, the body reacts poorly and, literally, will use every drop that it has inside. This can lead to super dry skin and dry, brittle hair. So, drink up...and don’t forget to also provide some water for your hair. Yes, hair loves moisture. Spritz your hair on a regular, or daily, basis and remember to seal with a natural oil. Making just these two super basic changes can throw your hair and skin the lifeline they need to look their best.

E - Exfoliate

Beyond just showering, your skin needs to be exfoliated. Every day, your skin is exposed to elements it does NOT like, including sun, toxins, and dirt in the air. By using a scrub product such as a sugar scrub or an actual loofah type cleaner to exfoliate, you are removing the top layer of skin that has been affected by the environment and letting that beautiful underlayer come through. For some, exfoliating gives them an almost instant glow up.

L - Lock In That Moisture

While you may know that you need an oil to lock in the moisture in your hair, you may not realize that you need it to lock in the moisture in your skin too. One of the ways that you can best nurture your skin is to give it a nice massage using your favorite oil or body butter right after you shower. Dry, cracked skin is actually a health hazard.  It can expose your body to potential infections – and nobody wants that to happen. A Queen’s skin should be supple, soft, and radiant always, so don’t get caught out there this summer with ashy feet and elbows. You need to keep that ash on lock, for real.

P - Protect

One of the absolute best ways to shield and protect your skin from the sun -- its natural nemesis -- is to wear sunscreen. Yes, black people need to wear sunscreen, Sis.  While the melanin in our body serves to naturally protect from UV rays, it doesn’t totally eliminate the negative effects of the sun on your skin. So, slather on that sunscreen whenever you are going out and make it a skin routine staple, not just for summer, but for every day.

When it comes to protecting your hair, there are a number of options. From wearing a protective hairstyle that puts minimal strain on your tresses, to keeping your hair covered at night, everything you do to protect your hair will pay off. Just like most people, hair hates stress. So, if you do your best to reduce or eliminate stress on your hair by avoiding too many tight hair ties, keeping pulling to a minimal, not sleeping with it uncovered and uncombed, and using heat sparingly, your hair will thank you with healthier looking and luscious locks.

Take this H.E.L.P. to heart, and you are destined to look and feel fabulous this summer! Now, that’s how you truly love on your hair and skin.

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