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5 Ways to Style Your Headwrap

The season of headwraps is upon us! Whether you’re a proud kinky queen, need to keep your relaxed edges in check, or can rock protective styles for days, head wraps are a black girls best friend in the hot spring/summer months. We wear them to give our hair a break, add some style to a simple outfit, or just give your hair a little extra yaasss. So if you’re ready to pull out your favorite wraps or are itching to grab some new ones, we’ve got 5 simple styles you’ll want to rock this season.

Turban Headwrap Style

1. Turban wrap: This is one of the most popular and my personal favorite headwrap style. This style is perfect for ladies with shorter hair or hair that is braided or twisted down underneath. Depending how big your wrap is, you can adjust the size of your turban to make it as big or small as you want and you can adjust how far back or pushed front you want to wear it. Pair this style with some shades and hoop earrings and you are good to go!

Stylish Headwrap

2. Stylish Wrap: While I like to think of the turban as a chic way to wear your headwrap, if you’re going for a more playful, fun, look, wearing your wrap tied loosely around with some hair peeking out is definitely the style to try. This headwrap style works well on pretty much any length of hair and you have much more freedom to play with the styling of the front of the wrap. Tie it in a bow, tuck under the ends, or leave them out. The options are endless.

Low Headwrap style

3. Low Wrap: Is it just me or do the low wrap styles not get enough love? We’re always gushing over the wraps piled high to the sky, but an elegant wrap tied low, is a style you just might love if you try it. This one is perfect for ladies looking for a more sophisticated headwrap style and so easy to achieve. Simply tie around your head at the base of your neck. Leave the ends out like or wrap them around into a low turban look.

Headband Headwrap Style

4. Headband Wrap: So I know most of us are grabbing our headwraps when we don’t have time to be dealing with our hair for the day, but some of us just want to add a little spice to our hairstyle. Wearing your headwrap as a headband is the perfect style to give you the flavor your looking for while still letting your hairstyle shine through. The best part of this headwrap style is you can make the headband as thick or slim, neat or messy, as you like. It’s versatile sis!

Topknot Headwrap Style

5. Top knot Wrap: For my long hair don’t care ladies and protective style divas, this one is for you. So many times women with long hair styles think they can’t rock head wraps but that’s fake news. There are so many ways to style your head wrap on top of your marley twists, box braids, or 22” weave. Simply let your hair fall straight down and tie your wrap around your head keeping the ends in the front. Style the front of you head wrap however you’d like. Whether you tie it in bow, an intricate twist, or even a mini turban, you get the best of both worlds with this style.

How are you planning to rock your headwraps this summer?

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