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3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing in the Winter

Although winter started a few short weeks ago, the colder weather has long since arrived and won’t be disappearing any time soon. While it’s easy for our skin to glow in the warmer months, we have to take extra precautions to keep the same for the winter.

Keeping your skin beautiful and glowing during the winter months can be difficult, but it will be infinitely easier if you follow these tips!


One thing many of us relish in the colder months is taking hot showers. We quickly run inside from the blistering cold and hope to find warmth and comfort underneath a steaming shower rod. Although this may feel nice, you’re doing damage to your skin! The hot water and steam might be soothing your cold and stiff joints, but it’s also drying out your skin.

When you decide to take a bath or shower, use warm water. The temperature will still work to soothe your freezing muscles and skin without drying it out. And I’m always one for compromise! If you can’t completely ditch your hot showers, start off with your desired temperature and gradually decrease the hot water until it’s comfortable.


What many people fail to realize is that exfoliating is a must in a skincare routine. The grains and scrubs act as a buffer, leaving behind a smooth, clean, and clear surface. When it comes to exfoliators, you need to think about the differences between your face and body. The skin of our bodies can withstand more than our faces, so it makes sense that you can use harsher beads along your arms, legs, and torso. The exfoliator you use for your face should be gentle while still having the capability of removing the dead skin from your face.

While exfoliators work to remove dead skin and leave your skin with a brighter appearance, they also help your next product seep deeper into your skin which brings us to our next tip – moisturize.


Definitely the most important step to keep your skin glowing, you can’t succeed without a moisturizer! After you’ve showered and exfoliated, although your skin is healthy and brighter, it hasn’t achieved its full glow. The truth is you won’t be able to survive the winter without a moisturizer. As warm as your showers are and as often as you exfoliate, the cold weather will naturally suck all the moisture from your skin!

In the summer, you might be prone to using lighter lotions and creams to prevent from sweating. During the winter you should use a thick and heavy moisturizer that will be sure to return all the moisture you might’ve lost while showering, exfoliating, or just being outside.

It’s easy for our melanin to pop and glow in the summer with the sun shining down on us, but you can still achieve that glow as we trudge our way through the winter months. With these three tips, your skin will have everyone thinking you just came from a tropical paradise!

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