Earn Brown Sugar Points & Save Money!!

Introducing Brown Sugar Rewards
Welcome to our loyalty program

Redeem points for rewards from Izzy & Liv

10% off
500 points
15% off
3,000 points
FREE “She’s a Brick House” Pin
400 points

Earn points when you complete activities

Create an account
50 points
Make a purchase
5 points per $1
Refer a friend
500 points

brown sugar rewards

As part of our commitment to bringing you the best quality shopping experience and value, we are excited to announce the Brown Sugar Rewards program!


    We reward our customers with Rewards Points for every purchase.

    • Earn points per $1 you spend.
    • Save your rewards to cash-in for DISCOUNTS and FREE PRODUCTS!
    • Or, cash in your rewards early for gift cards discount codes.


    1.  LOG IN

    All customers with online store accounts are enrolled automatically. To see your points, just log in to your account. The program is retroactive so you may already have enough points for a reward! Don’t have an account? Create a new account today.


    Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend.

    • Save your points until you earn enough to redeem rewards and discounts
    • Note: When you're logged in, you will see your points balance in your account page.

    • When you are logged in go to your account page and scroll down to the Brown Sugar Rewards section. 
    • You will see how many points you have earned and which discounts you are currently eligible for. Click to redeem the unlocked discounts. Copy the unique codes into the discount field at checkout. 
    • If you do not have enough points, the button will be disabled and show how many points short you are. 
    • NOTE: Rewards CANNOT be used towards the Brown Sugar Box Subscription
    • Log in to check your points balance and start redeeming today!



    How do I start earning points?
    Immediately! Just shop online from and you will receive loyalty points. 

    Can I earn points when I redeem points?
    No, you cannot earn points on orders when points are being redeemed.

    How will I know how many points I have?
    Once logged in you will see your Brown Sugar Reward points on your account dashboard. 

    Do my points expire?
    Yes. Points expire after one year.  

    Do I need to order every month?
    No, you do not. You can order any time you want to.

    Can I use rewards towards my Brown Sugar Box Subscription?

    No, rewards cannot be applied to your subscription. However, you will earn points every time you renew your subscription.