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Essence - February 18, 2016
"Fresh on the scene, Izzy & Liv’s goal is to offer apparel that resonates with women of color in particular and anyone else who can relate. The brand designs shirts that their customers “get”, represents things they love and celebrates who they are."
9 Must Have T-Shirts For Women Who Love To Slay
Slay Culture
"The only Valentine's Day gift anyone needs is a shirtless-man body pillow from Izzy & Liv. Choose from such famous and glistening gentlemen as Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, and Tyson Beckford, all lovingly hand-stitched (because a machine-stitched shirtless-man body pillow would just be tacky). Buy one for your friends, your mom, and obviously yourself."
Look, We Found the Perfect Valentine’s Day Present
NY Mag - The Cut - February 03, 2016
"What better way to treat your bae to some steam than with a microfiber body pillow printed with two different images of Michael B. Jordan?"
15 Pop Culture Valentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Most Millennial Loves
Bustle - February 04, 2016
"It's not hard to see the appeal in these man-pillows. Cuddling is a favorite activity amongst legions of living, breathing humans — even if they can't (or don't want to) do it with other living, breathing humans. erhaps this is because cuddling has been known to have health benefits that range from decreasing stress and lowering blood pressure to releasing endorphins in the body."
We Talked to The Creator of These Flawless Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan Body Pillows - February 04, 2016
16 Ways To Bring Idris Elba Home With You Tonight
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