Change Is Coming


 Hi Beautiful!

 I know you came here to shop for some dope tees, and may be confused right now. Sorry about that! So here’s the deal: we have listened to your feedback and are making some much-needed changes to our apparel production process.


Long story short:

We are transitioning to  a new production model for our tees. During this transition period, we will not be selling tees in our shop. This was not an easy decision, but  a necessary one to make sure the transition is done right. Hop on our email list to be notified once we start selling our tees again, which will be in a few short weeks. In the meantime, all non-apparel items, as well as our Brown Sugar Box are still available to be purchased.

If you want more detail, read on….

Since our inception three years ago, Izzy & Liv has been a made-to-order business. That means that items purchased take 5-7 days to have made from scratch before they shipped.  This process allowed us to offer an unlimited variety of designs, styles and colors; never be out of stock; and was the most cost-effective choice for us as a small business (not having to invest countless dollars on inventory that may or may not sell, storage fees, etc). While you have been very patient and understanding of this process, we certainly understand the frustrations this timing can cause, especially when you see an item that you want sooner!

The alternative to the made-to-order business model is to move to an inventory model where we have tees made in bulk and only sell what we have in stock. This process allows for items to ship the same or next day; more control over the printing and shipping process; better quality control; and it cuts down on the wait time to receive your tees.

While moving to an inventory model is riskier and requires us to cut down on the variety of design choices we can offer at one time, we have decided that it is time to make this transition to better serve you, our loyal customer. So, we are making the leap!

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we have decided the stop selling our tees while we make this change logistically and plan out our new releases calendar for the year. 

All non-apparel items such as our bags, stationery, home décor and personalized kids items will remain made-to-order for the time being and are still available for purchase at this time.  A handfull of apparel items such as all over prints and overstock tees will also remain available during this time. And of course, our Brown Sugar Box is still available and ships once a month.

I want to take this time to thank you for supporting Izzy & Liv! YOU are what makes us special and keeps us going and I will continue to work hard to improve our processes, our product offerings and to serve you to the best of my ability.

Be sure to get on our mailing list to be notified once we start selling tees again! And, feel free to drop us a line at with any feedback! You are appreciated!

Nicole W. Brown
Founder & Owner
Izzy & Liv, LLC