Who We Are

As women of color continue to rock around the world, Izzy & Liv’s mission is to help them do it confidently and stylishly. Our brand launched in 2015 by Nicole W. Brown. Her  daughters, Isabel (Izzy) and Olivia (Liv), gave her the inspiration to create a clothing line that speaks to both black women and little girls who want to see more of themselves in the mainstream. The brand is inspirational, fun, sassy, filled with pop culture references and a bit retro. When you shop at Izzy & Liv, you're bound to find something that you can relate to! 

We're all about celebrating who you are and the things you love!   Hi Beautiful!  I love the feeling I get when I discover something I can relate to, that  makes a statement or reminds me of who I am and where I’m from. It's like sitting  with family  reminiscing, cracking jokes, and just being YOU. It's home.  That's the way I hope Izzy & Liv resonates with you. A company that reflects parts  of you.  Our goal is to design pieces that celebrate your many facets --  funny, sassy,  reflective, spiritual, bold, confident, silly, proud, sexy, cute, and everything in  between.  I hope as you browse our shop you find pieces that need no explanation --  you just get it.  I want our designs to speak for themselves, with the words, and  artwork telling stories you can wear that allow you to just be you - whatever  side of you takes center stage on a given day :-).  We Make Fashion You Can Relate To. What do you want your clothes to  say about you?   ~ Nicole W. Brown


We are a family-owned company whose focus is to deliver trendy apparel that celebrates the culture, beauty, confidence, interests and diversity and culture of women of color and anyone who can relate. 

We put a lot of thought and pride into our designs and every creation is something that we love and we wear. We offer a wide variety of t-shirt styles and silhouettes and are constantly adding new products and collections so check back often!


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