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Young King Box Subscriber Update

Young King Box Subscriber Update

Hello Brown Sugar Babes,

We are saddened to inform you that we will be discontinuing the Young King Quarterly Subscription Box. The February 2022 Box will be the last edition. All Active subscriptions to the Young King Box will be automatically canceled, and subscribers will no longer be renewed for any future boxes.

For the past 2 years, we have worked tirelessly to curate unique items for the Young King Box. We have delighted in seeing your handsome young men enjoying the items they have received and in reading your feedback on how much you appreciate being able to gift your child with items that represent him. It has been a true labor of love, which is what makes this announcement one of the most difficult for us.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you, as we have enjoyed seeing the Black Boy Joy and excitement you’ve shared with us through photos of your young Kings. We kept this box going for as long as we could but, unfortunately, with rising costs and low subscribership to this box, we are simply unable to continue it any longer.

As we enter our 7th year in business, we will continue to work hard to provide you with quality products that truly embody representation for the culture, and while we are no longer able to maintain the quarterly box for boys, we do plan to continue to serve with items on our site, outside of the subscription., whenever possible. All remaining Young King merchandise will continue to be available for purchase while supplies last.

Thank you for your understanding and as always, thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

The Izzy & Liv team,

Thanks for All Your Support!


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