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You Need These Songs on Your Throwback Summer Playlist

You Need These Songs on Your Throwback Summer Playlist

Can we say summer has arrived? I mean I know it’s not official or anything if we’re going by the calendar, but I think we can all agree that Spring is a thing of the past. The season for BBQ’s and beach days, road trips and block parties is here! And that can only mean one thing. Your summer playlist needs to be poppin. Whether you’re the unofficial DJ at the family reunion or you’re just having your very own talent show while cruising the city, here’s your start to building the hottest 90’s summer throwback playlist.

  1. Summertime – I don’t care how cliche it sounds or how many summers you’ve had to go through bumping the original ode to summer but it gets no realer than the anthem by The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Tell me you don’t go off when you hear it “cruising down the street but you can’t speed through. Two miles an hour so everybody sees you!” Sorry couldn’t help it.

  1. Always Be My Baby – Am I the only one who misses 90’s Mariah? Always Be My Baby will forever be a hit (there’s no debating this) and whenever I hear it I think of long summer days of being young and in love. Plus do you remember the video? Look it up on Youtube and reminisce.

  1. If You Had My Love – Ahhh Jenny from the Block. I feel like JLo had a hit every summer in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This was back when she was rocking bandanas and dating Diddy. The good old days. Need a bonus track to follow up? I’m Real with Ja Rule.


  1. Make it Hot – Any song with Missy on it is a summer hit in my opinion. Maybe that’s biased but I stand by it, especially with the ‘98 banger Make it Hot. From the beat to the lyrics, and of course Missy’s verse, you can’t go wrong adding this to you playlist this summer.

  1. Mo Money Mo Problems – “10 years from now, we’ll still be on top.” Well I mean, we’re at like a smooth 20 and I guarantee when you hear this song play you still turn up. Besides, what’s a summer playlist without some Puffy, Mase, and B.I.G? Not a playlist at all. Another honorable mention? If you’re feeling nostalgic I’ll Be Missing You with Faith Evans is always a good choice.

And for the honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the Top 5:

Boombastic by Shaggy--and to think, the kids today think Drake was the first one to add a little reggae to a song.

My Way by Usher–we all loved Usher back then?

Where My Girls At by 702--because there’s always a need for a good girl’s anthem.

So there you go! Add these to your playlist and party this summer like it’s 1999.


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