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Work Hard, Play Hard: Pamper Tips for After Work

Grinding is a part of life. While industrious women know this, they often struggle with the flip side of that hard work, which is their self-care. Taking care of yourself requires a personal commitment and a bit of insight into how to “come down” after a hard day’s work. To encourage you to pursue a higher level of self-care, we thought that we would collect a few pamper tips on your behalf. We know that our sistahs are entitled to take a break!

It can be very difficult to squeeze in self-care time and that’s why it has to be an intentional effort. You can work hard and play hard, but your overall well-being should be a priority. Yes, Sis, your self-care is above the grind, because if you don’t take care of yourself first, the other aspects of your life will suffer. So, take these pamper tips that we have gathered for you and enjoy the chillaxing. 

Create A Personal Peace Sanctuary In Your Home

One of the best pamper tips is to ensure that your home is a place of safety and comfort. Whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, it could be quite relaxing for you to carve out a space for retreating. It doesn’t have to be a “room”. It could be something as simple as a candlelit corner or a nook that is fashioned with softer lighting and a canopy. Your peace sanctuary just needs to be relaxing and specifically for you. 

Make Your Favorites Your Focus

Luther said it best, “If Only For One Night!” YASSS! Dig into your favorite foods, music, books, or whatever makes you feel the happiest and most relaxed. Of the pamper tips that we will present, this one is the one that is probably taken for granted the most. It’s not enough to just get your favorite things. The real pampering comes in when you allow yourself to fully indulge…on your own terms. 

Laugh and Let Go

This may seem like one of the simplest pamper tips, but laughter is such an awesome way to destress after work. When we consider things from a different perspective and see the comedy in what life throws at us, it can be a welcome respite. The realities of life can hamper our humor at times. By making time to giggle and chuckle a bit, we can start to let go and lighten up.  

Make Massage An After Work Mainstay

Who said that you can’t get a massage er’day? For many, massage is one of their favorite pamper tips. You don’t have to commit to full body massages, and yes, we know the cost of that can quickly add up. Consider spending time on a massage chair, using a neck massager, or soaking your feet in a foot massager. Do whatever will get you straight and help you to keep it all in perspective.



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