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Women’s History Month: 90’s Female Empowerment Playlist

Women’s History Month: 90’s Female Empowerment Playlist

Hey, Ladies! What I find beautiful about Women’s History Month is hearing women empower other women. Whether it’s on social media or in real life,  its great to see women come together to uplift one another to fight for women’s rights. However, it can hard to feel empowered from time to time, especially if you constantly feel pushed aside whether be at work environment or in relationships. I’m sure we all have those moments when we don’t feel beautiful or strong. It’s easy for us women to fall into those moments of low self-esteem, self-doubt, or self-pity. Sometimes we put other people’s needs before our own. Being a woman can be tough! Still, every woman should be able to feel strong within themselves. So in honor of Women’s History Month, we have put together a mini playlist for you of kickin’ 90s tracks to ignite a fire in you so you can feel proud to be a woman every single day.

1.) “Unpretty” by TLC

What woman hasn’t felt pressured to change her looks for anybody but herself? TLC’s intimate song touches on the need for loving the body that you have and that we shouldn’t have to change ourselves for anybody. Inner beauty is what matters!

2.) “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

That’s right girl! Don’t let anyone talk you down. Destiny’s Child soulful r&b hit “Say My Name” reminds you that you deserve to be treated with respect.
3.) “No Scrubs” by TLC-

Another lovely track by TLC to help you empower yo’self this Women’s History Month. Yup! Nobody got no time for a scrub. Real women who know what they want deserve the best out of their partners.

4.) “None of Your Business” by Salt N Pepa

Feeling powerful as a woman also includes feeling that way in regards to your sexuality. “None of Your Business” by Salt N’ Pepa praises sexual liberation and addresses double standards. Single or coupled, us women don’t deserve to be scrutinized for what we do with our bodies.

5.) “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree

I completely forgot about this song. I use to hear it all the time when I was a kid. Des’ree’s track “You Gotta Be” radiates positive vibes. If you are feeling a bit low, listen to this track. You will feel much happier and more confident in yourself.


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