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Weekly Wrap-Up: All the Feelings

Happy Friday! This week was another emotional one but for good reasons. Between the most beautiful wedding that went viral to video releases that had us shedding real tears, whew…black love and black magic was REAL. Let’s get into it.

Unless you’ve been living off the grid you know that last week Solange released her 21 track album, A Seat at the Table. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, please treat yourself this weekend and play it. On repeat. This ode to black culture, struggle, and freedom is a masterpiece that deserves a post of it’s own. On Sunday, Solange released two videos from A Seat at the Table, “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair”. The visuals were stunning. Black women in all shades, carefree black men, both were a truly artistic experience. Check out the videos below!


As if A Seat at the Table wasn’t enough, another popular hashtag was taking over  Twitter and Instagram. #ForeverDuncan is the love story of a man proposing at noon and surprising his wife-to-be with a wedding at 6. Friends, family, and tears were in abundance. A truly beautiful love story with a deeper message. We’ll save that for another day. Of course, there were the naysayers but regardless, the love for the #ForeverDuncan wedding was real. Congrats!

Celebrating Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac

This week we also took a moment to celebrate the life of Bernie Mac whose birthday was October 5th. Across social media people shared their favorite memories of the comedian who passed away in 2008. Our contributor Valerie Edwards shares her thoughts on his life:

Bernie Mac will be forever immortalized on our TV screens, making us bust a gut with his comedy and antics. The most memorable moments of his comedy career is when he appeared on “The Original Kings of Comedy” and told us his hilarious story about his sister’s kids and that infamous, “milk and cookies” scene. During an interview with Playboy in 2004, Mac stated, “I’m not a star, and I don’t want to be a star. Stars fall. I’m an ordinary guy with an extraordinary job.”

Best of Stuff We ♡ Blog

We took it back to the 90’s sharing eight women who changed hip-hop. And speaking of influential black women, check out our quick spotlight on one of the most influential makeup artists of our time: Pat McGrath. If you’re in the mood for a quiz, we’re letting you know which Martin character you are. I got Gina. Sounds about right! 
Sending our thoughts and love to Haiti and the Caribbean islands affected by Hurricane Matthew. Until next week! 

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