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Weekly Wrap-Up: We Gon’ Be Alright

Currently writing this while trying to hold back the tears. This week marked the end of an era and I’m still working through my feelings on that. As much as we wish we could turn back the hands of time, today is a new day. But first, a look back on the week and a few words of hope and peace to guide you through the weekend.

Chrisette Michele Uninvited to the Cookout?

So, if you didn’t hear, Chrisette Michele became one of the handful of artists willing to perform at today’s inauguration. Yes, you read that right. Now, I’m all about supporting people’s choices but girl…Twitter on the other hand was not. People on the social network took the chance to air their frustrations with what many consider “selling out”. Ouch. After Black Twitter called her out, she went on to pen a “open letter” telling her side of the story. See below for yourself.

So what do you think? Cool or nah?

Preparing for the Women’s March

Women's March

Heading to DC? If so, I hope it’s for the Women’s March on Saturday. Details and preparations were in full effect this week as we learned more about the march intended to take a stand for our rights. What started out as a Facebook event has grown into a full fledged movement with a heavy celeb backing. A few black women who have thrown their support behind the Women’s March are Beyonce, Uzo Adubo, Janelle Monae, Danai Guirira along with many more. Can’t get to DC? Join a local march in your city. Get the full list here.

A Living Single Reboot?

Squad Goals: Living Single

In less somber news, did you hear about the possible Living Single Reboot? If you’ve noticed there’s been a few 90’s shows that have been brought back to life but the chance to see Khadijah, Synclaire, Regine, and Maxine on our screens again? Yaassss. It was Queen Latifah who dropped the hint on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! and now that it’s out there we are all waiting. Netflix what’s up?!

ICYMI: Stuff We 

We started off the week with a few quotes in honor of MLK day, you might want to revisit that one…especially today. Also, along with everything that’s going on, you might need to step away for a bit to unplug. We got a few tips for a social media detox that may be just what you need. You can spend your time away getting your winter beauty routine on point—we shared a few tips for that too!

Blog Love

As you head into the rest of the day and this weekend we’ll all be feeling like every single gif from Blavity’s 10 Stages to Cope with Inauguration Day. Welp…there it is. See ya next week!

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