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Things Every Black Girl Had Growing Up

What a time to be alive! Growing up, there were countless things we were begging our parents for. Amongst those were a group of products that we all had at one point or another while we were growing up. Whether you were an 80s baby, 90s kid, or had a little bit of both, let’s check out some items that every black girl had back in the day.

80s Babies

Things Every Black Girl Had

Cabbage Patch Kids: How many did you collect? The very first concept for the Cabbage Patch Kid was created back in 1976 and it blew up in the 1980s. While it was originally named Little People, 1982 brought about the change to Cabbage Patch Kids and little kids everywhere began collecting the dolls. Whether you had an astronaut or a future Olympic medalist, Cabbage Patch Kids were a staple.

Things Every Black Girl Had

Black Barbie: I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. When you hear the song, most people might think of the “classic” white Barbie doll with long, blonde hair. When we hear the song, we automatically think of Black Barbie. Barbie first came out in 1959 and 9 years later, we were given Christie, the first black Barbie doll. In 1980, Black Barbie came out with her long red gown and natural hair.

90s Kids

Tamagotchi: Your parents might not have let you have a real pet, but you probably had a virtual one! Tamagotchi was extremely popular for ‘90s babies. When you weren’t in school or doinghomework, you were probably feeding, watching, and taking care of your virtual pet – anything to keep them from dying!

Things Every Black Girl Had

Skip-It: Every little girl probably spent most of her lifetime jumping around, and if it wasn’t with a jump rope, you probably had a Skip-It. The perfect toy to play with on your own, you were probably challenging your siblings or friends to see who could do it the longest.

Things Every Black Girl Had

Easy-Bake Oven: While Easy-Bake Ovens are a thing of the past, it’s hard to find a young girl who was growing up without one. You might not have been able to use an actual oven to make things like cookies and cakes, but the Easy-Bake Oven was alternative every girl wanted. Regardless of whether you were growing up in the 1980s or early 2000s, an Easy Bake Oven was just what you needed to feel like a master baker.

Things Every Black Girl Had

Jelly Sandals: What was life like without your mandatory pair of sandals? You might’ve spent your youth running around barefoot in the grass or walking to school in a pair of flats, but there’s one item that every black girl owned and it was jelly sandals. Ranging in colors from pink to yellow to clear, these jelly sandals were quick, easy choices or your first introduction into heels.

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