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#TBT: 5 Love Lessons from Martin & Gina

Have you heard about the possible Martin reboot? We’re not sure anything could ever come close to the 90s hit show that earned its place in television hall of fame, but we’ll see. In honor of a possible reboot, the month of love, and black history, we’re taking a moment to look back at one of our favorite black couples in television: Martin & Gina. Whether you’re here for the jokes or here the lessons, maybe we can all learn a thing or two about how relationships from our favorite fictional television couple.

martin and gina

1. They didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Why so serious? There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship where all you do is bicker all the time.  Most of us know at least one couple like this; where they’re constantly arguing over the most petty things. One of the most refreshing things about Martin and Gina’s relationship was that they were always laughing together. They truly enjoyed each other’s company and it resonated through the television screen. Their relationship was what having a best friend as a mate should be like.

marting and gina crew

2. They hung out with a tight group of friends.

Go best friend! While there’s nothing wrong with spending most of your time with your other half, keeping your friend circle tight is just as important. It’s always dope to see a couple who knows how to have fun with each other and enjoy the company of other people as well. Martin and Gina were the life of the party and they enjoyed entertaining their friends in their home. Now, when it came time for them to have some alone time together, Martin wasn’t afraid to tell them to get the heck out; and we loved him for it.

martin and gina communication

3. They were good at communicating their feelings.

Communication is key. Sure their relationship was fun and crazy at times, but they knew how to bring it down and talk to each other. Whenever there was an issue in their relationship they made sure to address it at the right time.  I’m sure we all remember those episodes where they would lay in bed at the end of the day and talk about their relationship. This is where the true substance of their bond came from. Let’s take a few notes from this fictional reality and try talking things out with our mates when we have concerns.

Martin and gina 1

4. They put each other first.

I think this part is self-explanatory, but it’s so necessary to cover. Whether it was careers, life changes, events, moves, the always put each other first. They had each other’s back and that’s key in a relationship. From Gina supporting Martin’s dreams to Martin always riding for Gina…no matter what (remember the reunion episode?!).

martin and gina main

5. They never stopped saying “I love you”.

Throughout the series the love between Martin and Gina was ever-present. Despite the controversy that was happening behind the scenes, Tisha Cambell and Martin’s characters radiated true chemistry. It was always apparent that the love between them was genuine and they truly had an affinity towards one another.

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