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Survive The End of 2022 To Survive In 2023

By Tiffany Stewart

You did it, sis! You made it through another year. The days may have seemed long, and the weeks short, but we made it, and that’s something worth celebrating! Whether you’re bringing in the new year in the house, at church, or outside (we’re not judging!), here are some helpful ways to prepare yourself to ensure your 2023 is filled with abundance.

Moment of Gratitude
Take a moment to reflect on the past year silently or by writing in a journal. Be thankful for all the good and bad moments: the big ones, the ugly ones, and especially the unexpected ones. They all contributed to the woman you are today. Give yourself praise for surviving it. Instead of viewing those bad moments as negatives, give yourself grace and try to look at the brighter side. What lessons did you learn? Celebrate your growth in all ways!

Start 2023 with a clean slate and a clear mind. First, declutter your home. Create a “maybe box” for items you’ve struggled to throw away. Set a reminder months from now and if you don’t need anything in the box, toss it. Next, declutter your social circle. Be mindful of who brings you peace and who brings you anxiety. Go through your social media friend lists and unfollow people who no longer serve you. Creating boundaries may seem selfish but protecting your energy comes first.

Be Intentional
The secret here is to keep your goals simple. Create a list of the essential areas of your life and put at least two measurable goals. For example, If you want to “travel more,” be specific and write “visit a Caribbean island this spring” to create a visual in your mind.

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