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Why We’re Still Obsessed With Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’

Hey ladies! I think it is fair to say we are obsessed with Beyonce at this point. After watching her concert film, “Homecoming,” there’s no doubt that this woman is at the top of her game. It gives us an in-depth look into her creative mind, work ethic, and the team that helps her put on one of the best shows of her career. On top of that, she is raising the black community up with her music. The film is a testament to our culture and her love for the culture. If you haven’t watched “Homecoming” yet, go to Netflix and come back. If you have, keep reading to see why we’re still obsessed with Beyonce’s “Homecoming”:

Her Work Ethic Is At A Cosmic Level

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There is no denying that Beyonce is a hardworking woman and has always been since her Destiny’s Child days. However, her dedication to making sure her show goes off perfectly really blows our minds. She maintained a strict diet, rehearsed day in and day out, on top of being a mother. If anything, Homecoming made us want to have just as a strong work ethic as she does. 

It Celebrates Black Culture, Black Colleges, and Black Women

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Just like “Lemonade”, “Homecoming” is a celebration of black culture. It praises black colleges; how they are more than just a place for black people to receive an education. They are a reminder of how far we’ve come as a people and how we can now bestow wisdom for future generations. It’s also an ode to black women. From Bey doing her thing to having black women lead the orchestra, Homecoming is simply triumphant at demonstrating our power.

The Choreography Is Dope!

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Another reason we can’t stop loving this documentary is that the choreography is just so darn good! Plain and simple! Beyonce went all out to have a black orchestra and black dancers of all shapes and sizes. They all performed in perfect unison (and on risers for goodness sake!). This just comes to show just how awesome our culture is. 

It Makes You Want to Be Better

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Look! Homecoming was mind-blowing. At the end of the day, the concert film makes you want to be better. Watching Beyonce dedicate her mind, body, and soul into her work and leave a legacy is awe-inspiring. It makes you wonder what can you contribute to your community, what talents have you yet to show to the world, and how can you leave an impact on the world. 

“Homecoming” is a brilliant concert film. It’s a celebration of black people. It’s also another outstanding achievement in Beyonce’s career. As much as we enjoy her music, she makes us aspire to be better versions of ourselves. If you still haven’t watched the film, please go do so. You will not regret it!


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