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Squad Goals

What about your friendsss! Think for a second, how would life be without your squad? Having a squad, sister circle, or whatever you like to call it, is truly a great thing. An amazing friend group that can stand the test of time? Yes, please. Your squad is a place to laugh, cry, tell stories about crazy dates, and just have a good time. Let’s look at some of the best girl squads around.

waiting to exhale

Waiting to Exhale  – Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, & Gloria

A classic movie with a stellar cast, Waiting to Exhale is a great example of a girl squad. This was a group of grown, strong women who had each others back. They each had successful careers in a variety of industries but shared a common ground when it came to men. Whether it was getting through a painful divorce, dealing with being the other woman, or just the troubles that come with raising a child, these women had real problems and dealt with them all together. This movie is filled with meaningful girl chats, advice, and fun times. Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria as a collective were definitely squad goals.


Girlfriends – Maya, Joan, Toni, and Lynn

This show was the perfect example of a friend group, like the theme song says “My girlfriends, there through thick and thin”. Maya, Joan, Toni, and Lynn were a diverse group of women with a bond that could never be broken. They went through so much together during the eight-season run, and it was exciting to watch week to week. Remember how Toni could never get Jabari’s name right? Or Joan’s constant struggles in the workplace and her dating life? How about how Lynn could never keep down a steady job? And I know you have to remember Maya with her famous book “Oh Hell Yes”. The chemistry between all four women was spot on and a prime example of how fun life can be with the right people in your clique.

Squad Goals: Living Single

Living Single – Khadijah, Synclaire, Maxine, and Regine

You thought we were going to do a squad round up without Living Single?  This group had all the friends you need in your circle. There was Khadijah who always kept it real with the crew. Maxine was the independent boss black woman that everyone needs on their team. While Regine was an entrepreneur making things happen with her boutique. And to balance it all out, Synclaire was the dreamer that keep everyone’s spirits up. And the men on the show helped emphasized just how real having a group of successful women around to have your back, especially when it comes to being young, black, and single.


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