The Rise of Black Businesses: 5 Brands We’re Supporting

When it comes to stores and brands, what kinds of businesses do you support? For clothes, makeup, and even lingerie, the process becomes seamless when you’re shopping for products catered to you. If you’re updating your wardrobe, looking for your new favorite lipstick, or searching for the perfect nude bra, check out these 5 black businesses that we’re supporting.

Midnight Wave Swim

Rise of Black Business: Midnight Wave Swim

photo via Midnight Wave Swim

Whether you live in a warm climate or are planning a tropical vacation, everyone could always use a bathing suit! When it comes to swimwear, we’re definitely shining a light on Midnight Wave Swim. This swimsuit company is made especially for melanin queens, and you’ll definitely find something for yourself in each of their collections. If you want everyone to know your motto, keep it cute in a “Wake, Pray, Slay” one-piece. We’re also digging their “Skin” collection where you can find the perfect suit if you’re a caramel, chocolate, or mocha girl.

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin

photo via Nubian Skin

If you’re like me, you might be tired of searching for the perfect nude bra. What you’re probably failing to realize is that you’ll never find the perfect nude bra because the ‘classic’ shade is catered to women 5 shades lighter than you. If you’ve yet to find the perfect nude, Nubian Skin is one business you can get behind! Not only do they have an assortment of styles of lingerie, their colors are catered to the many shades and undertones that black women have. With Nubian Skin, you can choose between cinnamon, berry, café au lait, and more.

Beauty Bakerie

Rise of Black Business: Beauty Bakerie

photo via Beauty Bakerie

For the social media lovers out there, if you’re an Instagram user, you’ve definitely heard of Beauty Bakerie. This brand rose out of the ashes on Instagram and has been making a name for itself ever since. If you’ve ever seen those lipsticks that don’t even rub off under water, they’re from this brand, Beauty Bakerie. Although they initially started out with lip products, they have expanded to eye and facial products as well. On their website, their CEO shares that she battled with breast cancer before starting her company, and how could we not support a strong black woman such as herself?

Juvia’s Place

Rise of Black Business: Juvia's Place

photo via Juvia’s Place

 Let’s face it. We all can get behind a little makeup, and we’re definitely getting behind Juvia’s Place. This brand has a series of eye products that were specifically created and catered to black women. They are known for their eyeshadow palettes which include the Saharan Palette as well as the Nubian Palette. The quality and vibrancy of their products is definitely something I can get behind!

Izzy & Liv

And of course we couldn’t leave out our very own, Izzy & Liv! When it comes to fashion, Izzy & Liv brings sass and class into one place. There is no shortage of the things you’ll find like cute t-shirts that help you embrace your melanin and natural self or décor that helps your house feel more like home. Although there are also new designs for men and kids, we can’t help but love the Brown Sugar Box which is catered towards cultured, confident, and soulful women of color.

Black businesses continue to flourish and grow, so why shouldn’t we shine a spotlight on them! In the comments, let us know some other black businesses we should support!

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