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Reminiscing: What We Loved About Aaliyah

Princess of R&B, Aaliyah, is still remembered by many fans since her tragic death nearly 17 years ago. During her short life, Aaliyah’s music career skyrocketed with hit songs like “try again”, “Are You That Somebody”, and “One in a Million”. Aaliyah’s futuristic music & style was far ahead of our time. And now, her legacy is about to be further cemented into pop culture in the best way possible. Recently, it was announced that makeup company, M.A.C, will finally release a signature Aaliyah collection this summer on June 20 (online) and 21st (in stores). In celebration of this, let’s reflect on what we loved about our favorite R&B songstress.

1.) Her classy tomboy-ish style

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Look no further than Aaliyah to show that you don’t have to show off a lot of skin to be sexy or cool. Aaliyah’s baggy pants, halter tops, jackets, and shades made women and young girls everywhere run out to their nearest department store just to replicate her look. Her fashion style was part street-smart and part classy. We also can not forget her sultry signature hair bangs over the eye look!

2.) Work Ethic

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Aaliyah never shied away from hard work. Famous colleagues of hers, such as producers Timberland and Missy Elliot, often talked about the singer’s strong work ethic that made her a star. Since the age of 11, Aaliyah was known for rehearsing and spending long hours in the studio to make sure her songs were pitch perfect. To this very day, her stamina remains to be an inspiration.

3.) Maturity-

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At such a young age, Aaliyah displayed a maturity beyond her years in her real life and through her lyrics. Aaliyah had breathy, childlike vocals and yet sung songs like “Age Aint Nothin But A Number”. “Rock the Boat”, her last single she made shortly before her death, epitomized her coming into adulthood in her early twenties. Never did she act out of her calm demeanor in the limelight as well.

4.) Humility

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Aaliyah was not like a lot of entertainers of the 90s. She didn’t have a big ego. If anything, she always kept her family and loved ones close to her that kept her down to earth.

5.) Futuristic R&B sound

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As mentioned before, Aaliyah’s sound was unlike any other artists during the 90s and we loved her for it. If it were not for Timberland producing her beats, Aaliyah’s futuristic pop mixed with R&B would never be a shaker in the music world.  We would do anything to get just one more hit from the late singer.


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