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Remembering Tupac: 5 of the Iconic Rapper’s Best Moments

In wake of the anniversary of the tragic loss of beloved 90’s rapper, philosopher and activist Tupac Amaru Shakur, and with the addition of the Tupac biopic rumored to hit theaters November 2016, it’s only right to reminisce on some of our favorite moments from the icon. He was truly an artist and man before his time and he will forever be celebrated and missed (and still alive hiding somewhere…because we know you heard the rumors too).

1. Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

Photo via IMBD

This movie will forever be a classic. It’s romantic, comical and inspirational all piled into one mail truck. As we look back, this is easily one of the Tupac’s most memorable moments, as we saw a different, more lovable side to the rapper. And the onscreen romance between him and Janet is one we’ll always remember.

2. This 1995 Interview

Despite the fact that this interview was conducted in jail, Tupac’s words will live on forever. His insight was beyond his years and he was supplying the knowledge of the future. Like a young Socrates, Tupac’s philosophies on love, life and change for the future will forever be relevant in the present.

3. Keep Ya’ Head Up

Tupac had many songs that touched deep subjects and put life into perspective. But Keep Ya’ Head Up also reminded us that we have to keep persevering. Keep Ya’ Head was an anthem that recognized your struggles, spoke on the realities we face as a people, and let us know that we aren’t alone in this fight.

Don’t cry, dry ya eyes, never let up. Forgive but don’t forget, girl keep ya head up.”

4. His Smile

This is definitely an attribute rather than a moment but we can’t talk about Tupac without acknowledging his charismatic smile. Tupac had a smile that could light up a room, movie screen, or recording booth. Remembering his smile also reminds us of the multidimensional personalities we all have. In a world where many would like to put others in a box, Tupac reminded us that you can be both angry and intelligent, happy and disappointed, and that those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

5. The Coachella Hologram

While the opinions on holograms are mixed, personally, I think this Coachella performance was everything! I mean what better way to remember and praise an icon than to bring him back (digitally) for one last get together.

Tupac is a legend not because he was a great rapper. He’s a legend because, despite being a great rapper, he was a great thinker. His words will continue to speak to generations to come as we still have yet to see the fruit of is predictions.


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