Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Top R&B Hits of 2001?

Last week on social media, a few different memes surfaced in reference of the ever so classic R&B hit from 2001, Contagious by the Isley Brothers. One meme included a line from the song with ‘Keep it Going’ following the lyrics. This was a nostalgic moment for sure! If you didn’t immediately bust out in song, singing the full soap opera-esque R&B classic, can we really be friends? This was certainly a hit to remember as you and your homegirls most likely yell sang the third verse that featured Chanté Moore and R. Kelly. You HAD to sing all three parts, it was only right.

Even though 90s R&B will always remain the G.O.A.T., the early 2000s had countless hits that kept the classic R&B wave riding. How well do you know the top hits from the year 2001? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

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