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3 Ways to Practice Self Love

Self Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, for a lot of us, love is on our minds. Whether you’re in a relationship, just dating, or looking for love, one of the best ways to celebrate this (and every day) is taking a little time to love yourself. And while it sounds a bit abstract, practicing self love can be intentional and simple while having the ability to change the way you feel about yourself. Here are just a few ways to practice some genuine self love this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

  1. Write a love letter to yourself. How many of us can relate to getting trapped in negative thoughts about ourselves. We may feel like we’re not doing enough in our careers, unhappy with the way our hair looks, disappointed with our lack of progress or any number of things. In the day to day bustle of life, taking time to highlight the things that we love about ourselves isn’t often on our minds. Take some time to sit down and write out all the things you love about you. Whenever you’re feeling down throughout the year, read it through to remind yourself of your greatness.
  2. Develop a self love routine. When we think about the things that have the biggest impact on our daily lives, chances are there’s some type of routine associated with it. A good morning routine to help you have a productive day, cleaning routines to keep your space clean and organized, hair routines to allow your hair flourish. The same method can be applied to self love. Think about the things that help you feel bast about yourself. The music, food, vibes, activities. Now make a routine to incorporate as much of that as you can into your daily life.
  3. Take care of yourself. As women, so often we put ourselves last on our list. We’re busy running businesses, teams, and households that we forget to do those essentials things for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Sometimes self love can look as simple as splurging on the yoga classes we’ve been thinking about, buying the organic vegetables, making the doctor’s appointments, or simply take a mental health day to rest and reflect.

What are some ways you practice self love on a daily basis? Let us know <3. 


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