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Places to Visit for a Mid-Spring Break

Even though it’s FINALLY spring, the perpetually hot days of summer still seem so far away. Instead of waiting until the tail-end of June for a summer vacay, you might find yourself desperate for a quick getaway! For all the professionals who are ready to use some of their vacation days, check out these 3 places to visit for a mid-spring break.


If you’re in the mood to travel down to South America, put down that Spanish dictionary and pick up aPortuguese one! The largest country in South America and one of the largest in the world, Brazil is filled with music, food, landmarks, and tons of culture. After stopping in Copacabana to do a little samba, you might want a glimpse at one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer. If you’re feeling like a nature trek, head to Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world!

Places to Visit for Spring Break

photo via Travel Comer (Christ the Redeemer)

After sightseeing, there’s nothing better than the cuisine! If you’re an islander, you might enjoy farofa, which is fried cassava flour. For a heartier meal, their popular feijoada is a black bean stew filled with meat. And for a much needed dessert, beijinho de coco is a coconut truffle that might have you eating one, two, or ten.


Does this country need any introduction? For those who have fallen into a mid-spring rut, nothing is
going to burst you out of it like a trip to the “City of Lights.” While all of France is amazing, everyone
knows there’s a certain level and feeling of magic that comes with being in Paris. A mecca of popular
landmarks, your trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. Even if you venture out of the city, you could stroll along the French Riviera or visit the Palace at Versailles.

Places to Visit for Spring Break

photo via Discover Walks (Eiffel Tower)

Although the country is well-known for its landmarks and its cuisine and wine are unparalleled, pack some loose clothing because France is untouched when it comes to dessert. Their long list of delicacies includes chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, crêpes, eclairs, macarons, and madeleines. Bon appetit!


There’s a reason everyone’s been traveling to Thailand and here’s why it should be on your list of places to visit. In this Southeast Asian country, millions of travelers head to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket City, and Phi Phi Islands. Not only do these cities feature the vibrant Thai culture, but they’re flooded with things to do. You might choose to visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok or experience the nightlife on Phi Phi Islands.

Places to visit for Spring Break

photo via TripAdvisor (Phi Phi Island)

If we’re going to keep it real, as a black woman, you might be apprehensive about traveling to an Asian country where their view of black people is limited. With 93.6% of Thailand’s population being Buddhist, you can be certain that some, if not most of their population follow the words of the Dalai Lama, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” You might be booked and busy while you’re at home and work, but make sure you’re booked and busy for a much needed vacation! It is great to have the chance to experience other cultures outside of our own, and with these three mid-spring break locations, you’ll be sure to have the trip of a lifetime!

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