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Outfits From the 90’s We’d Rock Today

Have you ever wondered where fashion trends stem from? Typically new looks are extracted from a style that has already existed, with a few updated features. Today the bulk of our looks come from the late 80’s and early 90’s, and so many of us were alive to see them twice. If you love 90’s like I do, try bringing these old school styles to the 2000’s!

Cropped Sweaters


Janet was known to show off her rock hard abs in a very classy way. In the 90’s you could find Miss Jackson in a pair of jeans and a sweater short enough to show some skin. Cropped tops have been in for a few years now; many women pair them with leggings or skinny jeans to show off their curves. This year add some elegance to your cropped top by pairing with a skirt or wide-legged pant.

All Jean Errthang

There is nothing like a pair of blue jeans from the 90’s; the fabric is thick and plush making them perfect for fraying.  Denim is a classic fabric that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon so it’s time to get on board. These days it is easy to find denim dresses and shirts, so you aren’t limited to pants and a jacket. Instead of spending your life in spandex, why not cover yourself in jean?

A Cut Underneath the Butt


The buns are now the most praised body part on the human body, and everyone wants to show what they’re working with. If you aren’t bold enough to wear itty bitty shorts try ripping a few holes in some jeans right below your bottom. You may be able to find jeans that are manufactured in this style but if you are going to do it yourself ensure to jeans aren’t too tight; your skin will bust through the holes.

Strapped Up


Many times, feeling sexy is all about showing a little skin. In the 90’s you’d catch many women wearing short dresses with thin shoulder straps, and today you can find an entire dress made of them. Pair your look with shoes that also reveal a lot of skin to keep things uniform. Gladiator sandals are very popular this summer and would look great paired with a strappy bandeau and come cute shorts, for a more casual feel.

 Monochromatic Mania

solange-knowlesDo you have a favorite color? If so, don’t be afraid to commit to it 100 percent. Sometimes an outfit makes the most noise when you pair pieces that are the same color. Many monochromatic looks today consist of spandex, cropped tops, and short skirts but if that doesn’t float your boat, try a classy suit like Solange.

Looking for more ways to spice up your wardrobe? Here’s a bit more 90’s inspiration:

The head wrap

Since many women are going natural wrapping the hair has once again become popular. There are several videos online that demo design options.

Baby Hair

Whether you like it or not, your edges have to be on fleek.

Dark lipstick

Ever since Americans became obsessed with bloodsuckers and werewolves, vamp inspired makeup made its way back to the top.
Tribal Prints

A few years ago you would be made fun of for wearing African inspired prints but ever since student Kyemah McEntyre revealed her homemade prom dress, people can’t get enough.


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