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Mythbuster: Black Girls Can’t Wear Nude Lipsticks

When it comes to nude lipsticks and black women, you’ll hear two different kinds of opinions. Neither which are very good. There’s one group of people thinking black women can’t wear nude lipsticks and another group thinking they can’t pull off the nude lip look due to their dark skin. Either way, these harmful assumptions about our beauty are simply not true. However, the struggle women of color face when it comes to finding that perfect nude shade is absolutely real.

Most of the time, you’ll find makeup brands in retail stores that create only a couple of shades of nudes ranging from pink to peachy tones and very little to no brown shades. On black or brown skin, those pink shades can look very unnatural. That’s not to say that ALL black and brown women can’t wear a peachy nude because not every pair of lips are the same. In addition, most black women often have duo-toned lips which makes finding the right lipstick shade a bit more complicated. Luckily, there are more brands out in the market today that do sell a wider range of nude lipsticks for all black and brown sistas can embrace.

If you are struggling with trying to find the perfect nude lip. Here are a few tips that can help you:

If you have a two-toned lip, use a lip liner that closely matches your complexion before you use the lipstick shade.

If you think that just because you may have one lip darker than another then you can’t wear nude lipstick, think again! This one simple trick is quite a game changer in achieving your ideal lip color. Whether you are going for a pink or brown shade, get a lip liner and fill in your lips. Then go over your lips with your lipstick of choice. Not only will this make your lips look more fuller but it will help match your lips to the shade that you are going for.

Make sure that you are aiming to make your lips look lively

Regardless of your lip color, the goal of finding the right shade of nude lip is to make your lips look realistic. Even if you have brown lips but want to wear pink tones, make sure the shade works with your skin by knowing what your skin undertones. Everyone is different. Some women may have a warmer or cooler complexion. Which leads me to my last tip…

Don’t just play with brown shades!

Most black women feel compelled to just stick with brown shades, treating pink and peach tones like they are poison. Nah, Sis! Embrace those pink and peach color nudes. Regardless of what people say, pinks and peach shades do and can work on black and brown skin. Try playing with making those shades warmer or cooler according to your complexion.

Best Nude Lipsticks You’ll Love to Love!

These days it is much easier to find a shade that will work with our melanin. Brands, especially the more affordable ones like MAC and NYX, are now expanding cosmetic lines to include a wider range of colors that black woman can choose from. Have a hard time deciding which brands or shades will work for you? Here are a few of the top best nude lipsticks to choose from that we think you will love:

1.) Pat McGrath Labs Matte Lipstick in “1995”– If you are looking to achieve that perfect rosy nude lip, look no further than this shade from Pat McGrath, which is just one of many brands that aim to give black woman various lip colors to compliment our gorgeous skin. 1995 is a long-lasting, warm, red-toned color that does the trick.

2.) NYX Professional Lip Lingerie Lipstick in “After Hours”  NYX is another brand known for their affordable, wide range line of nude lipsticks and lipglosses. After Hours is a cooler, brown shade to experiment with if you are looking for a sultry nude lip.

3.) M.A.C lipstick in “Mocha”– One of the most popular shades among black women who vouch for M.A.C and their famous line of nudes.”Mocha” is more along the lines of peachy brown but has a slight yellow undertone but will give your lip a smooth satin finish you’ll adore.   

4.) NYX Professional Butter Gloss in Ginger Snap Another must have nude shade for every black woman comes from NYX Butter Gloss line. It’s a brown, taupe color that is more neutral on the lip. It provides medium coverage and a creamy finish.


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