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Must Have Cozy Home Essentials

by Tiffany Stewart

‘Tis the season that many of us hibernate inside, waiting for warmer temps to arrive. If the plan is to spend more time inside, it’s important to make your house a home with these cozy home essentials.

Flowers & Plants
Any living element in your home automatically contributes to its cozy vibe. Don’t worry, if you’re not a natural plant mama, choose plants that thrive in low light or even good-quality faux plants. Fresh flowers may seem like a splurge, but they can last a long time if you change the water and trim the stems periodically. Divide your plants and flowers into several vases around the house.

Textured Blankets & Pillows
Nothing says warm and cozy like a few decorative pillows, especially if they have a matching throw blanket. You can place pillows on the couch, bench, chair, or even in a basket to give any room an extra pop. Swap out your usual pillow covers for more simple designs, fall colors, or even cozy textures like faux fur. Pull out your thick throw blankets and place them at the end of your bed or fold them over the back of an accent chair to elevate the space with texture and comfort.

If you know, you know; there are some books for reading, some for collecting, and some that are for both. If you’re a devoted bookworm, you have a collection of books that fit into each category. Take those precious gems out of their storage boxes and use them to decorate throughout your home. Whether you add a few to the coffee table or build a book pedestal for decorative objects, they add personality and style to your space, without spending an extra dime.

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