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Mind Over Matter: How To Shake Off Bad Days

Hey ladies! We all get bad days. No matter how you may try to keep a positive attitude about things, life still happens. Plans fall apart. People leave our lives. Goals aren’t always achieved. However, that doesn’t mean all is lost. So it’s important to have healthy coping mechanisms on how to get through those tough times. Here are  4 ways to shake off the bad days:

1.) Hit The Gym- 

Selective Focus Photography of Woman in White Sports Brassiere Standing Near Woman Sitting on Pink Yoga Mat

image from Photographed by Bruce Mars

Hitting the gym after a rough day is a healthy way to help you channel all that negative energy out of your system. Essentially, you are sweating it off. You are shifting your focus from whoever or whatever is causing you grief on to improving your health. Working out helps lower your stress and boost your mood.

2.) Meditate- 

Woman Meditating in the Outdoors

image from Photographed by Oluremi Adebayo

Though not for everyone, meditation is a great way to shake off bad days.  When we are so focused on the negative, we rob ourselves of enjoying the present moment. Simply taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to put your problems aside to enjoy the silence and clear your mind will help you feel better. There are various ways to meditate as well. You don’t even have to close your eyes. If sitting in silence doesn’t work for you turn on some calming music, chant mantras, watch a candle flame, or listen to the sounds of the air conditioning. Research what meditation you think will work best and use that whenever bad days arise.

3.) Talk to a trusted friend or family member

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image from Photographed by Keegan Checks

Sometimes all you need at the end of a hellraising day is to vent to a friend. Confiding in someone will help you get things off your chest. Its better than holding everything in. Just make sure you are sharing your thoughts and feelings with a true friend or family member who won’t tell your business because you don’t need another set of problems.

4.) Dance- 

Woman Raising Her Hands

image from Photography by Marlon Schmeiski

Maybe working out or meditating aren’t your thing but who can be against dancing to good music. Dancing gets you to be in the moment. Sing to your favorite lyrics if you feel the need to vocalize how you feel. Dance to music that motivates you. At the end of a fun dance session, you will notice how unbothered you feel about anything not going your way. 

Everyone has bad days. You can and will get through them. Definitely, give these tips a try! Soon enough you will find yourself getting over the negativity a bit faster than you realized. 

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